Discriminant Validity

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Butler RJ, SouthersC, Gorman PP, Kiesel KB, Plisky PJ.  Differences in Soccer Players’ Dynamic Balance Across Levels of Competition. Journal of Athletic Training. 2012;47(6):616-620.

  • “Dynamic balance performance varied with competition level. This may indicate that athletes’ movement strategies may be different depending on the competition level and that normative values may need to be established for each competition level”
  • TAKE HOME MESSAGE: Be sure to use the age, gender, and sport specific risk cut points


Gorman PP, Butler RJ, Rauh MJ, Kiesel K, Plisky PJ. Differences in dynamic balance scores in one sport versus multiple sport high school athletes. Int J Sports Phys Ther. 2012 Apr;7(2):148-53.


“Male athletes exhibited significantly greater normalized reach values for the posteromedial, posterolateral, and composite reach while also exhibiting a larger anterior reach difference when compared to the females. Athletes who participated in multiple sports had similar performances on the YBT-LQ when compared to athletes who participated in a single sport.”

Take Home: There is no need to take into account the factor of multiple sport participation when developing return to sport standards for dynamic balance in high school athletes. FULL FREE TAKE


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