How does fatigue affect the Star Excursion Balance Test?

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Balance Test - Post-Lat

In athletes with chronic ankle instability, 2 studies report that fatigue decreases the reach distance on both sides(Gribble 2004, Gribble 2007). However, the unstable side is affected to a greater degree. So, performing a fatigue protocol prior to testing for return to sport might be a good idea. It will amplify those remaining neuromuscular control deficits. But remember, it will also decrease the composite score as well, so the results might not be as comparable to the age, gender, and sport specific injury risk cut points. But, I wouldn’t want anyone’s composite score so close to the risk cut point that fatigue tips them over the edge. Another

You should also consider fatigue with pre-participation physicals. Many places use the Y Balance Test not only for risk identification, but also as a baseline measure for return to sport after musculoskeletal injury or concussion. So if the athletes have a heavy workout prior to testing, their scores may be a little lower. I think that may be important to note, but would not cause me to postpone testing.

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